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Marketing Measurement

Casino marketing efforts are typically multilayered. Initiatives such as free play, floor promotions, VIP parties, random jackpots, point multipliers, entertainment, food specials, and media advertising might be running simultaneously. Using econometric modeling, Dunn Gaming Solutions isolates the effects of individual marketing variables to quantify impact on revenues and cash flows. Our technique is very effective in evaluating the incremental contributions of specific initiatives and providing insights to achieve more profitable results. Econometric modeling is also useful for understanding the impact of longer term strategies—such as slot denomination mix changes, changes to the physical plant (addition/removal of attractions/amenities), and gaming value of different hotel market segments.

Player Profitability Analysis

Some segments of players are highly profitable and others are too costly. The commonalities are not always obvious. By working with clients to define the parameters of profitability and then using data mining algorithms—such as decision trees and clustering—Dunn Gaming Solutions develops profiles of highly profitable (and unprofitable) players. Profiles are both behavioral (frequency, daily spend, game preference, etc.) and demographic (geographic market, age, gender, club tier, etc.). With these profiles, clients are able to more effectively target marketing dollars for both acquisition and player retention efforts.

Direct Marketing Optimization

Even when desirable player segments are targeted, you do not always know the best offer to send. Using experimental design techniques, Dunn Gaming Solutions works with clients to understand the effects of manipulated offers. Sometimes, the casino is able to reduce offer expenses without materially impacting response rate. Other times, the casino might find that increasing offer expenses drives enough incremental response to improve cash flows. We can also help you determine if different mediums (mail, email, text message, etc.) affect response to the message

Slot Floor Optimization

The slot floor is a complex organism. Why do some games outperform others? What is the effect of floor location versus strength or weakness of the game title? Based on your customers' play preferences, which games are best paired together? Dunn Gaming Solutions uses proven statistical techniques to find answers to critical operational questions such as these, enabling slot managers to improve floor performance and make more informed purchase decisions. We also developed the Slotfocus Performance Analytics service for casinos looking for a dedicated solution.

Projections and Sensitivity Analysis

What would happen if we changed our comp reinvestment percentages? How many new hotel rooms should we build? How might a new restaurant perform in our casino? Such forward looking questions are commonly asked but difficult to quantify. Using a variety of analytical tools, combined with over a decade of industry experience, Dunn Gaming Solutions helps clients find viable answers and make informed strategic decisions.

Program and Process Audit

Sometimes, you simply need a reality check. Dunn Gaming Solutions can conduct a thorough and thoughtful review and provide you with objective analysis and commentary.  DGS is experienced in reviewing and benchmarking marketing programs, data systems functionality, process flows, and resource utilization

Basic Reporting and Analytics

There's a story waiting to be told in your raw data. Drawing on formative experiences as a financial, gaming, and marketing analyst on the Las Vegas Strip, Dunn Gaming Solutions answers your critical questions and provides useful operations reporting. DGS is also well versed in the field of quantitative market research—producing meaningful analyses of survey data and optimizing survey instrument design to improve validity and response.


Investment in your human resources is critical to gaining and maintaining competitive advantages. Dunn Gaming Solutions has developed training modules for slot analytics, table games analytics, casino marketing, database marketing, and data mining. DGS can provide customized training to meet your organizations specific needs. DGS is also a member of the instructor network employed by the International Gaming Institute (IGI) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Our popular seminar, Slot Performance Analysis, held regularly at IGI, can be delivered on location for larger groups. Contact us for more information.